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Debug reactive store with Redux devtools extension

import { addReduxDevTool } from "@hadeeb/reactive/enhance";
const store = createStore();
addReduxDevTool(store, options);


events is a plain object. New event handlers can be added at any time

import StaticModule from "...";
const events = {
Initialize_Module({ state }, payload) {
Object.assign(state, payload);
const initialState = StaticModule.initialState;
const store = createStore(events, initialState);
function addModule(lazyModule) {
store.dispatch("Initialize_Module", lazyModule.initialState);

Customizing store

store.$ can be used to override how the events are handled.

Refer : Redux devtool integration

store.$ : (store, event, payload):void

eg: Event logger

const store = createStore();
const originalHook = store.$;
store.$ = function(store, event, payload) {
console.log({ event, payload });
console.log("Before", store.getState());
originalHook(store, event, payload);
console.log("After", store.getState());